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About Milton Court Care Centre
Milton Court Care Centre has set a new benchmark for health care in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area. Our home is very spacious, has larger bedrooms and has facilities that other homes do not have. We know how important it is to have a first class purpose built facility but also realise that a building alone does not make a home.
We make a great effort to ensure that we create a happy and friendly atmosphere in our care homes and try to involve families as much as possible in the care of their loved ones. We operate an open house policy and the managers are always available for residents or their families to raise any concerns or just to pop in for a coffee and a chat in our Cafe.
We know that this open and transparent policy provides a good foundation for the highest quality care and are committed to working with the Commission for Social Care Inspection to ensure that we meet and exceed their standards of care. For this reason we employed two Lead Inspectors from the Commission for Social Care Inspection to help establish Milton Court Care Centre.
Milton Court Care Centre is managed by Mrs Cheryl Plant who has over 25 years of Nursing experience with a wealth of knowledge in Geriatric and Dementia Nursing. Cheryl has managed Nursing Homes for the last 9 years and brings a wealth of experience and compassion to the role.
Milton Court Care Centre is part of the Restful Homes Group. We are a family company who currently operate five nursing homes in the West Midlands. Milton Court is part of our expansion programme and brings the size of the group to 500 beds. We are also in the process of securing planning permission for a further three nursing homes that will be based upon the design of Milton Court Care Centre. Further expansion is planned for the future and we aim to be one of the premier providers of quality care in the Midlands and South of England.
As a family company there are no layers of bureaucracy between us and our staff or the residents of our homes. We ensure that we know all of our staff and each and every resident - this makes our home their home.


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